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    The Worthy spend the remainder of their lives in the space between life and death, waiting for the day they take the Rite of Ascension and claim their place as an Ordained Ascended. Their hard work and devotion has granted them the recognition and achievement they worked their whole lives to obtain, leaving only their death before entering the eternity earned by their service.


    While the Hydell Order considers resurrection an affront to the Natural Order, those who have shown both talent and devotion to the tenets of the Faith have an opportunity to remain on the mortal plane following their death. These individuals are declared Worthy, having proven themselves to the Ascended Conclave and earned their place within the Ordained Ascended, to eternally serve the Order as Afterlife Intelligences.

    Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

    While rare, the Worthy can lose their title – and subsequently their opportunity to resurrect after death – if they lose favor with the Ascended Conclave. For this reason many choose to undertake the Rite of Ascension almost immediately upon selection as Worthy.
    Religious, Beatified
    Form of Address
    Length of Term
    A Worthy retains their title until death, at which point they are elevated into the Ordained.
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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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