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    Welcome to the Vazdimet Discussion Boards!
    Here you can dive into the adventure, interacting with an assortment of characters from the stories and worldbuilding of the universe. If you're lucky, maybe you'll even catch a special event, including limited time character interviews.  

    Current Date: 2312.08.41 EVT

    History of Vazdimet  
    The current date of Vazdimet Discussion Boards occurs approximately 20 years after the events in Mordena Dawn. Jake Cartwright Lawrence serves as Navarch of Mordena Public Relations, while the Grand Navarch, Shane Lawrence, spends most of his time on Janikk dealing with the daily tasks of running the mercenary organization.   The Hydell Order is gathering their forces to attack several notable planets in The Freeholds in retribution against the Mordena, while the Sparnell Confederation has decided to take this momentary reprieve as an opportunity to focus more attention on the Space Defense Legion.   The Vardan traders continue to maintain their neutrality.
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    Vazdimet Discussion Boards

    Explore Vazdimet

    Sun, Oct 17th 2021 07:57
    Immerse yourself in Vazdimet, and interact with its people.


    Welcome to the Mordena Embassy, your destination for all official Mordena press releases, treaty negotiations, and current or potential customer inquiries.
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    Sun, Dec 5th 2021 04:03
    Celebrating the Freedom to Exist

    Hydell Order

    Fri, May 13th 2022 08:04
    The Natural Order is the will of the universe. No heretic shall stand against the True Descendants of Fillimet.

    Space Defense Legion

    Fri, May 13th 2022 08:03
    Seeing strength where others find only weakness.

    Sparnell Confederation

    Fri, May 13th 2022 08:11
    Official communications with the Confederation:
    May the Glory of Sparnell bring honor to us all!


    Fri, May 13th 2022 08:06
    For shipping and merchandise you can trust.
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    Vazdimet Discussion Boards

    General Discussions

    Thu, Oct 7th 2021 05:47
    Discussions on Vazdimet, its Prose, articles, history, and more.

    General Commentary

    Mon, May 2nd 2022 04:42
    Suggestions, questions, and other general purpose commentary on Vazdimet.
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    A work of art where the intersection of design and narrative meet.

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    15 Apr, 2022 14:28

    Thank you! <3

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