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    As limited in quantity as they are unlimited in responsibility, the Mordena's Navarchs have been hand selected to lead their respective branches within the mercenary organization. They report directly to the Grand Navarch and coordinate heavily among each other.


    Navarchs are appointed personally by the Grand Navarch, selected as the most capable of leading their chosen branch of the Mordena. They are not required to understand every task that falls beneath their role, but they must embody the ideals of the Jannadael, particularly those pertaining to leadership, teamwork, and respect.   The selected individual must successfully pass the Tsekeht Leadership Trials immediately prior to their appointment. If they already completed the Trials at least once before they will still be required to retake them. Surviving the process ties the candidate closer to Janikk and the Tenecknaab, and is considered a verification of their dedication to the Mordena's ideals.


    Navarchs are responsible for the well being of those within their chain of command, from their direct reports to trainees to maintenance and support staff. They may delegate their tasks and their authority as they see fit, and are actually expected to do so, while maintaining the responsibilities for ensuring the effectiveness and morale of their branch.


    The exact responsibilities of each Navarch depends upon which branch of the Mordena they lead. The coordination of information and loaning of personnel is common between branches depending upon the task at hand, while certain specialized teams may be officially maintained by one branch while formally reporting to a different one for their daily tasks. Each Navarch reports directly to the Grand Navarch, although they are largely responsible for the standard operations of their branches.  

    The Grand Armada

    The Navarch of the Grand Armada bears the responsibility for fleet operations of the Grand Armada and Turncoat Armada, although they will receive missions from both Mordena Public Relations and the Mordena Security Council.   This was the first Navarch position formed within the Mordena, with the reranking of Navarch Javon Arlise from her Sparnell Armed Forces rank of Commodore.  

    Public Relations

    The Navarch of Public Relations handles all diplomatic and customer enquiries, from negotiations with existing or potential members of the Freehold Coalition to the smaller mercenary jobs which help maintain the Mordena's credits and reputation. The Navarch is also charged with selecting Ambassadors, building and maintaining Embassy buildings and the communities around them, and handling many of the requests from the Vardan traders.   This was the second Navarch position named, with the elevation of Jake Cartwright Lawrence to leader of Public Relations.  

    Security Council

    The Security Council Navarch is charged with the coordination and compilation of intelligence information and analysis, ensuring the accuracy and effective use of the information obtained. Often this also includes assigning and helping to plan specialized field missions to dig into promising or worrisome rumors.   While the Security Council was formed prior to Public Relations, this branch was third to receive a Navarch as its official chair.  

    Civilian Corps

    The Civilian Corps is not led by a Navarch, although most grant Veris Asik the same deference due to a Navarch, courtesy to his leadership position within the corps. This role includes the coordination of civilian efforts both on and off Janikk for the betterment of the Mordena as a society. This includes farming and animal husbandry, building and maintaining cities and their infrastructure, the coordination of Delivery Day, schedule and maintenance of the Janikk Educational System, and an assortment of other essential jobs. Multiple healers and botanist throughout the fleet also fall under the Civilian Corps rather than the Grand Armada, particularly upon the HMJ Ambition, the Mordena's diplomatic Destroyer.
    Civic, Military, Commissioned
    Form of Address
    Equates to
    Admiral of the Sparnell Armed Forces
    Lord Marshal of the Hydell Order
    Senior Engineer of the Space Defense Legion
    First Holder
    Reports directly to
    Related Organizations

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