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    Adopting a comfortable Legionese, the words clipped and precise with minimal inflection, Jake met her surprise with a grin of his own. "Thought I'd share the big ones with you, all at once. I hope that's okay."   “That’s… amazing,” Lira replied, also in Legionese. “And also weird.”
      Legionese is a planned language, and the official tongue of the Space Defense Legion. Informal conversations rely heavily on clipped words, while more technical discussions use the full forms to guarantee clarity. Some aspects of Legionese were borrowed from Runework, the written-only programming language for spellwork.   Natively spoken, sentences carry little inflection, the words designed to ensure ease of interpretation across the written word without requiring markers to denote the mood or intentions of the writer or speaker. As a result Legionese is precise and scientific, containing a large vocabulary of words to communicate every possible nuance of meaning, but very forgiving of the speaker's accent.   While Legion space itself remains closed off, Legionese has made its way to The Freeholds where more industrial planets such as Caralis have adopted it for use in their technical manuals.  
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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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