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    The view was breathtaking. The early morning sun shimmered and danced across the clouds far below, their haphazard clusters periodically giving way to reveal the thick forest beneath. Daoff leaned over the railing for a better look until his forehead touched the energy shielding wrapped around the balcony. In all the Legion's worlds of tech and concrete he'd never imagined anything like the scene before him.   "Oh!" He stumbled backwards in surprise as a flock of oversized birds passed remarkably close to his perch, their predatory features calling to mind the legendary dragons found prominently in many of his antique books. He followed their flight with wonder.   "Gromdornox." Shane's hologram stepped up to the railing to his left, hands clasped comfortably behind him, his feet spread in a stable but relaxed stance. Daoff imagined he'd looked much the same in life on the bridge of his flagship, leading his Mordena into battle. "They're hell to avoid during aerial exercises, but I've rarely seen anything quite so beautiful. Really reminds you of all the wonders in the universe still left to discover."
    The homeworld of the secretive Mordena mercenaries, Janikk is shrouded in more myths than facts. The planet is said to be a literal natural paradise if one can somehow survive the pretatory cleverness of the plants and animals which call it home, not to mention the planet's own hostile sentience.   Access to the planet is heavily controlled, with only members of the Mordena permitted on the planet itself. Whether this rule was set by the mercenary organization, or as a concession to demands from the planet itself, remains unknown.

    Localized Phenomena

    The natural inhabitants of Janikk, both plant and animal, are said to be more aggressive than the wildlife on most other planets, with a ruthless coordination to hunt down unwelcome trespassers. Some claim this to be the result of the ghost or sentience haunting the planet, while others claim it's a result of a planet wide neural net unique to Janikk. The Mordena are content to remain silent on the subject, refusing to provide answers as to the truths behind the stories or their methods to successfully colonize the aggressive planet.


    Janikk, formerly known as Planet TR-75, lay unclaimed despite its abundant resources and prime location within The Freeholds until finally colonized by the Mordena. Rumors claim the planet as haunted, or even sentient, protected by vicious wildlife and ravenous plants. The methods used by the Mordena to tame the planet remain unknown, and none who have attempted to wrest the planet from them by force have returned to tell of their experiences.


    Aside from the Mordena very few are permitted to visit Janikk, and only for business conducted in orbit. The Ferrik Clan are the only known repeat visitors, the trading family having secured a supply contract with the mercenary organization and subsequently gaining prestige in return as the newest of the Vardan clans in possession of the rare secrets of the Hyperjump spell.   Most prefer to avoid Janikk altogether, due to fear of the planet's wrath. The rare attempts to attack the Mordena at their homeworld have yielded few survivors, and none who were willing to talk about their experiences. It's said that a visit to the surface of Janikk will change a person forever.
    "I never imagined there was anywhere in the universe like this." Daoff stared in awe before turning to admire the architecture of the tree town. He watched the people bustling about their business, chuckling as the occasional citizen would walk towards him with a welcoming smile before noticing the Mordena Founder's hologram and quickly finding something else to do. "Where are we?"   Shane grinned and offered an exaggerated bow. "Janikk!" He straightened again, throwing his hands in the air. "Welcome to the homeworld of the Mordena."   Daoff turned to Shane's hologram, mouth open. "Wait. You mean to tell me you took me to your homeworld? Knowing who I am. Knowing the Legion is trying to kill me. You just decided 'Hey, I know! Let's take this enemy agent with a tracking chip in his head to my favorite planet where nobody ever sets foot but us. This is a great idea.'"   Shane shrugged, unconcerned. "Pretty much. We took the tracker out first."
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    Great choice of prose to accompany this article. I'm sooooo curious about Janikk and this answers none of my questions. How dare.

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    I promise you will learn when Shane does. <3

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