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    Calling Card

    Calling Cards are small, durable cards enchanted with the Soul Call spell. When physically held the Cards allow the user to expend their own magical energy to Call a member of the Mordena leadership. Unlike Telepathy the Call is not secure, but rather susceptible to eavesdropping on either side of the Veil.   As with most Necromancy spells, however, Soul Call remains unlimited by distance. This makes the spell the easiest way to alert a necromancer to a desire for conversation, a definite perk at the forefront of Jake's mind when he conceived of the idea.


    Holders of a Calling Card possess a personal direct communication line to one of the leaders of the Mordena. The cards are keyed to Soul Call either Shane Lawrence or Jake Cartwright Lawrence – relying upon their familiarity with the necromantic spell to allow them to answer – and are locked to the bearer's genetics, therefore limiting their usage to the original recipient only, and only with skin contact. Those gifted a Card will feel a sudden, sharp pain the first time they touch the item as it gathers a genetic sample for analysis, provided the Card is also held by the Lawrence to which it is keyed, with no further discomfort from the usage or handling of the item after it has been locked into its intended user.   Calling Cards for Shane are a stiff, simple black, while those to Jake also bear the triangular red Mordena logo. Jake's Cards are a common sight among the top planetary leadership within The Freeholds contracting with the Mordena for defense, although he has been known to also gift them occasionally to close friends and promising acquaintances. Shane's are rarely found outside the Mordena.

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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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    22 Oct, 2021 10:24

    I enjoy the difference in significance between Jake's and Shane's. Shane's feel a lot more personal.

    22 Oct, 2021 14:14

    He is a lot more selective than Jake.   Not that Jake really has a choice. His role requires their clients have an easy way to contact him.

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